At O’Bryan Advanced Dentistry, we know how important your oral health is for you , we also know, that as busy people, your time is equally important. That is why we work to provide excellent dental crowns in the shortest time possible through use of the latest in dental technology—CEREC! No more having to wait for your new crown! With the CEREC innovative method, you can have a quick, quality

CEREC is a dental device that allows crowns to be milled and restored in one day.
ceramic crown, or veneer placed in just a single visit. This smart technology uses a computer image of your tooth, and then your new tooth is milled out of a solid ceramic block and bonded to your prepared tooth. That’s it! Chipped or discolored front teeth can also be repaired with this technology. Your smile makes a lasting first impression; and CEREC gives you one more reason to smile!

CEREC is a dental device that allows crowns to be milled and restored in one day. It uses the CAD/CAM or “Computer Aided Design” and “Computer Aided Manufacturing technology, in order to create a dental crown in one appointment with the dentist. Instead of wearing a temporary crown for a few weeks with the attendant frustration and required second visit; your tooth is scanned by a computer, the restoration is designed, then milled to completion, and then implanted. The entire process is completed in one visit.

Dr. O’Bryan and Dr. Gridley ensure excellent service by continuously learning new technology and staying up with the new advances in the field of dentistry. In fact, Dr. O’Bryan is one of the dentists chosen to educate other dentists in the five state area on how best to use the CEREC technology.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is an exciting new treatment method making crowns, veneers, and bridges faster and easier.

If you’ve ever had a dental crown, you know that the process involved is very cumbersome and time consuming. Before CEREC, and even now when a CEREC crown is not appropriate, a patient visiting the dentist for a crown, faces an involved process. First, it is necessary to numb the particular tooth so that the crown can fit onto the preparation. Then a mold or an impression of that preparation is made. Once this is done, the impression or the mold is sent out to a lab for fabrication of the crown. In the meantime, the patient is given a temporary restoration, which is worn for one to two weeks until the lab completes the fabrication of the original crown. The problem with the temporary restoration is that it is often weak and comes off easily. It can be very annoying and sometimes embarrassing if such a temporary restoration falls out.

The CEREC system is all about convenience and delivery of an exceptional quality restoration in a short period of time.

However, with CEREC, much of the time and hassle is eliminated. Instead of taking an impression of the tooth, the tooth is scanned with a computer camera, which then designs the crown on the computer screen. The crown is then milled from a high-grade ceramic material while the patient waits. Once the machine milling is complete, the dentist immediately places the crown on the tooth.. This entire process can be done in a single appointment!

The reduced time involvement for this entire process makes the CEREC system ideal for patients with busy professional and personal lives. With this new system, a patient will not need to deal with the numbing of the tooth, the temporary crown or return visits to the dental office.

The CEREC system is all about convenience and delivery of an exceptional quality restoration in a short period of time.

Durability of a CEREC Crown

CEREC “same day crowns” offer an excellent solution for busy people who wish to minimize their time in the dental office. But some patients worry that the “same day crown” may not be as long lasting as a conventional “lab” crown. However, there is no difference between the durability of conventional crowns or “same day” crowns.

“Same day crowns” are made faster due to the computer-aided technology, allowing the dentist to fabricate the crown quickly and with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy. It has nothing to do with the quality of the crown. The durability of the crown depends on the quality of the material used for making it!

Ceramic crowns are preferred by most patients because of the high aesthetic value of ceramic. But the fact remains that even the best quality of ceramic cannot match the strength and resilience of gold. A gold crown has always been the most durable crown and no other material has been able to surpass gold in that quality.

The choice of crown material ultimately depends on the patient. The dentist may advise patients on the pros and cons of different types of crowns to help them make a well informed decision. While gold crowns have excellent durability and biocompatibility, they are best when used for the less visible back teeth. For the front teeth, ceramic crowns are an ideal option both for their high aesthetic value and for the ability to match them to your existing teeth for a beautifully natural look.